Dallas Peace & Justice Center
And The KOLO Collaboration Hosts
A Day of Remembrance

Stolen Sisters banner

Join us for an art installation & presentation inspired
by the REDress Project, Self Defense Class, Workshops,
and Food & Craft Vendors from each community!

Please join us Sunday, May 5th in Dallas,Texas to honor missing and murdered Indigenous women and women of color, and to learn how we can work together to counteract this epidemic and save our sisters, daughters, mothers, aunties, cousins and friends.

4 OUT OF 5 First Nations women are expected to encounter violence in their lifetimes. They experience some of the highest rates of sexual assault in the nation; 1 IN 3 are raped in their lifetime, and the murder rates of Native women exceed TEN TIMES the national average in some Tribal and urban communities. US authorities gather missing person statistics for every demographic... except for First Nations women. We disappear twice; once in life and once in the data world.

To address this epidemic, we first must acknowledge it by shining a light on it. This event will cross lines of race/color to include ALL communities of color, as this not just a First Nation epidemic... women of color are disappearing at a phenomenal rate all over the North American Continent.

Sponsored by:

Cara Mia Theatre Co., Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff, DreamWalker Enterprises, Dallas Peace & Justice Center, RW Photography, The KOLO Collaboration


The highlight of the day’s event will be The REDress Art Show Project!

The REDress Project is an installation art project created to raise awareness of this critical worldwide issue. Artist Jamie Black created this installation as a visual reminder of the over 1,000 First Nations women missing in Canada. Participants will be able to create and hang a REDress to honor a missing or murdered woman while enjoying works of arts by local female artists.

Some of the workshops will cover:

- Self-Defense Class

- How to Spot Someone in Trouble and How to Help

- and more to come!

The event will also include a Community Marketplace featuring local food and craft vendors from each community!

If you would like to participate as a vendor, please sign up on our registration page:

Vendor Registration

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Suggested addmission donation: $10.00

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More details to come. Please join and share!

Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff
3839 W. Kiest Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75233
For more information, you can contact:

Diana Parton Smith (pm on Facebook)
Yolonda Blue Horse