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Ann Wright Returns to Dallas: Breaking the Siege of Gaza

The Dallas Peace & Justice Center
Ann Wright

ann wright with flag

Breaking the Siege of Gaza:
A Fundraiser for 2018 Gaza Freedom Flotilla

MAS Youth Center
1515 Blake Drive, Richardson TX 75081

All are welcome. There is no charge for participation.

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Monday, March 26th
Meet & Greet, Refreshments 6:00pm
Presentation and Q&A 6:30pm
Break/Prayers 7:45pm
More Q&A and book signing by Ann Wright co-author
"Dissent: Voices of Conscience" 8:00pm

You can make a donation for the Freedom Flotilla project before the event
using our secure donations page:

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Former Army Colonel and US Diplomat Ann Wright revisits Dallas to raise funds for the 2018 Freedom Flotilla, a group of international boats set to sail this summer to Gaza to bring much needed aid and supplies. She will give an update on deteriorating conditions in Gaza, and the continued efforts to challenge Israel’s occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

Ann resigned from the US Diplomatic Corps in March of 2003 in protest of the US invasion of Iraq. She has since become an outstanding proponent for peace in our world, and a model of non-violent resistance and change. She has sailed on three of the prior Gaza Flotillas, including the most recent 2016 Women’s Boat to Gaza.

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MAS Islamic Center of Dallas
1515 Blake Drive
Richardson, Texas 75081