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DPJC Position Statement

On Human Rights Abuses Suffered by the People of Jammu and Kashmir

(9/17, Dallas, TX) The Dallas Peace & Justice Center (DPJC) is committed to a just and peaceful resolution of current Human Rights violations suffered by the people of Jammu and Kashmir.  We call for the immediate restoration of their full civil and human rights.  We are committed to promoting these rights through efforts to educate the American public and our political leaders on current human rights violations there, as well as the long-term violation of the human rights suffered by the Jammu and Kashmir peoples. 

We call on world leaders, on the United Nations and on the United States in particular, to exert their full diplomatic powers towards bringing justice to these people.

We further call on the government of India to:

  • Reverse the July 5th revocation of the special status of the states of Jammu and Kashmir that had been bestowed on the State under article 370 of the Indian Constitution,
  • De-escalate the situation by withdrawing military personnel from Kashmir,
  • Commit to holding a referendum under UN supervision that guarantees a free and impartial vote, ensuring that the Kashmiri people can exercise their right to self-determination within two years and
  • End the communications blackout, military-enforced curfew, house arrest of prominent Kashmiri political leaders and other human rights violations recently imposed.

September 17, 2019

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