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DPJC Position Statement

DPJC Statement On Unaccompanied Minors in Dallas

(DALLAS, TX - March 18, 2021)

The Dallas Peace and Justice Center welcomes the thousands of unaccompanied minors who have arrived at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Downtown Dallas, Texas. We open our hearts and city to these children ages 15-17 who are fleeing dangerous conditions in their home countries to seek safety and opportunity. If needed, we stand ready to provide humanitarian aid and information about legal, social and educational resources to the newly arrived school-aged boys and to advocate for their well-being. 

We appeal to elected officials, Congress, and the Biden/Harris administration to implement immigration legislation and policies that protect unaccompanied minors and childhood arrivals, reunite families and end family separation, and repatriate deported veterans.  

We urge the implementation into law of the New Way Forward Act, reintroduced by United States Representatives Garcia, Jayapal, Pressley, and Bass to address injustice and structural racism in the U.S. immigration system (

Santos Rodriguez: A Proclamation

July 10th - Dr. Garcia introduced a proclamation to keep the memory of Santos Rodriguez alive on the 47th anniversary of his murder by Dallas Police.


Santos Proclamation by ELBA

(DALLAS, TX - June 10, 2020)
DPJC Executive Director, Hadi Jawad addressed the Commissioner's Court after Dr. Garcia's proclamation was introduced:

"Good morning Judge, Honorable Commissioners, Honorable Dr. Garcia.

Thank you for keeping the memory of Santos Rodriguez alive. It has been 47 years since that tragic day but for many the memory of that sad day is still vivid and clear. Many continue to mourn a life that was cut short and still wonder why a 12-year-old boy sleeping in his bed at 2 o’clock in the morning was not safe from those who had sworn to protect him.

Much has happened since that fateful day and although new laws have been passed, police officers have received many types of trainings, tragedies continue to mount here in Dallas and across the country. In retrospect it appears that legislation and trainings only go so far and a deeper change, something more profound is needed. Perhaps what we need is a change in culture, A fundamental change in the way we view each other.

Stories have a way of changing culture. As responsible officials and leaders in our community, please continue to keep the memory of Santos alive. But please also consider what else could be done to tell this story to a new generation of young people. Could the story of Santos Rodriguez become a part of the curriculum of every school in Dallas County? Could the commissioners declare July 24 Santos Rodriguez Day in Dallas County in perpetuity? Could a major street In uptown or downtown be named in his honor? Could a school be named in his memory?

At the 47th anniversary of Santos’ brutal murder by Dallas Police approaches a question continues to hang over our heads: what can we do to make sure this child, this son of Dallas, who belongs to all of us now, did not die in vain?On Saturday July 25 at 9 AM There will be a caravan from Pike Park to Oakland Cemetery for a graveside service. Being mindful of concerns for the COVID-19 pandemic we are asking folks to remain in their cars.

Thank you Judge Jenkins and thank you Dr. Garcia."


DPJC Position Statement

DPJC Statement on Demilitarizing Local Law Enforcement

640px Nebraska Army National Guard in Omaha during the George Floyd protests June 2 2020A protester walks past Nebraska Military Police in Omaha on June 2, 2020
Photo by Sgt. Lisa Crawford

(7/1, Dallas, TX) The Dallas Peace and Justice Center (DPJC) applauds efforts by lawmakers in Washington to restrict the transfer of military grade weapons to law enforcement under federal program 1033 that allows the Defense Department to provide surplus equipment- at no cost- to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Leading the effort is Congressman Ruben Gallejo, (D-AZ) who has stated that, “Local law enforcement officers shouldn’t be confronting civilians with weapons designed for combat. A militarized police force makes our communities less safe and heightens the growing divide between police officers and the citizens they are sworn to protect." On the Senate side, Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) has reintroduced the bipartisan 'Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act" to establish limitations and create greater transparency to offensive military weapons transfers. According to Sen. Schatz, "weapons of war do not belong in our local police department and should never be used against American people."

According to the Friends Committee on National Legislation the Pentagon has transferred, "$6 billion in equipment since the program’s creation in 1991, when transfers were designated for counter drug activities. A reported 79,288 assault rifles, 205 grenade launchers,11,959 bayonets, armored personnel carriers, and mine resistant vehicles (MRAPS) have been handed over to law enforcement agencies across the nation.".

Militarization has permeated law enforcement and has given rise to a warrior cop mentatilty.

Studies have shown that the use of this military gear leads to more police violence and outsized targeting of communities of color. Now, as bipartisan calls for broad police reform grow louder, some members of congress are calling for legislation to restrict or eliminate the program altogether.

Roger Arnold, co-chair of the Human Rights Committee of the DPJC said, "we urge Dallas Police Department, and all law enforcement agencies in Dallas County to refuse weapons transfers under the 1033 program and invest the savings in underserved communities. We also urge the N. Texas Congressional delegation to support legislation proposed by Rep. Gallejo and Sen. Schatz to end the militarization of law enforcement."

Testimony: Police Heavy Handedness

Testimony given at the Dallas City Hall online meeting to address recent Dallas police heavy handedness against peaceful protesters.

(DALLAS, TX - June 5, 2020)
Hadi Jawad, Executive Director of Dallas Peace & Justice Center testified at a online public meeting of the Dallas City Council. The meeting solicited community input into how Dallas Police Department mishandled peaceful protests in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

"Mr. Mayor, the Dallas Peace and Justice Center CELEBRATES and APPLAUDS the youth in Dallas and across the nation for leading the way at this watershed moment in our history. This is how societal change occurs and we are grateful to our young people for shining a light in these dark times.

We IMPLORE the Dallas Police Department and Dallas City officials to work with MOTHERS AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY founded by a grieving mother Collette Flanagan who lost her son Clinton Allen, and Sara Mokuria who lost her father, to police violence. They have put forward a well reasoned and common sense 10-point plan that provides real solutions to policing problems in our communities.

We are HOPEFUL and PRAYERFUL that we will witness a change in culture in our nation because 'legislation' and 'trainings' only go so far!

We CONDEMN the threats by President Trump to use the military against peaceful protesters. His statement that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" is abhorrent and irresponsible and must be rejected by all, including law enforcement and military personnel. We HOPE every single elected official and public servant will vehemently oppose the president's threat to deploy the military against peaceful protesters practicing their first amendment right.

Finally, we URGE City Hall to refuse military grade weapons under Federal Program 1033 from the federal government and immediately cancel all trainings of Dallas police under that program."

Thank you Mr. Mayor.


DPJC Position Statement

DPJC Statement On Responses To The COVID-19 Outbreak In Dallas County

(DALLAS, TX - March 14, 2020)


Hadi Jawad Executive Director, Dallas Peace and Justice Center (214) 636-7011

As the corona virus spreads in our communities in Texas, we urge elected officials to ensure that human and civil rights of all Texans remains a top priority as state, county and city officials deal with an epic public health emergency.

We urge city, county and state officials to conduct policies in a manner that protects public health while ensuring civil rights and liberties are not compromised.

We urge that government and public health officials be mindful of the following suggestions:

1. It is imperative the public is kept up to date about information and developments regarding the COVID-19 VIRUS that are based on scientific evidence. This information should be relayed on all media platforms in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and other languages frequently spoken here.

2. Vulnerable segments of society MUST be protected.This means populations without health insurance or access to medical care, those who are incarcerated, and those who are homeless.

3 Testing should be made available to immigrants who might otherwise be afraid to make themselves known to authorities because of fear of deportation. Hospitals should be declared safe zones where no immigration laws will be enforced.

Public health, safety and civil liberties are mutually inclusive, and must be protected simultaneously.

Submitted By:
Hadi Jawad Executive Director
Dallas Peace and Justice Center

DPJC Position Statement

Bolivia: Dallas Peace and Justice Center Denounces Military Coup

(DALLAS, TX - November 12, 2019) Bolivia is in the midst of a dangerous political crisis! Last Sunday, democratically-elected Bolivian President Evo Morales, Latin America's longest serving leader, was forced by the country's military to resign. Morales had led the poorest nation in South America for fourteen years and was widely credited with lifting millions out of poverty. According to some media reports, the coup may be linked to a decision by Morales to cancel an agreement with a German firm for the sale of Lithium, a rare metal and critical component in the manufacture of electric car batteries. Bolivia has 50 to 70% of the world's supply of Lithium.
Morales' Oct 20 victory in Bolivia's national elections was disputed by the US-dominated Organization of American States (OAS), that claimed the vote was fraught with irregularities. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Florida Senator Marco Rubio were quick to support the OAS position. President Donald Trump celebrated the coup saying, "The United States applauds the Bolivian people for demanding freedom and the Bolivian army for protecting the Bolivian constitution.... We are now a step closer to a completely democratic, prosperous, and free Western Hemisphere."
As news of the coup spread, condemnations began to pour in from around the world. Jeremy Corbyn, UK Labour Party leader, President Manuel Obrador in Mexico and Brazil's former president Silva de Lula denounced the subversion of democracy in Bolivia. 
According to Hadi Jawad, Executive Director of the Dallas Peace and Justice Center (DPJC), "It is important to note that the OAS, backed by the US, has routinely undermined left-wing governments in South America while blindly supporting authoritarian regimes in the region. With a gun to his head, to say that Morales 'resigned' is disingenuous." He continued, "In Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Nicaragua, and now Brazil, the US has supported coups and regime-change policies that harken back to the era when the US aggressively promoted right-wing candidates, and propped up tyrants that used death squads and kidnappings to maintain their grip on power."
Boliva has been ruled by a white European elite since the day of the conquistadors! Morales was the first indigenous president in this indigenous-majority nation. As president, he oversaw the reduction of poverty by 42% and extreme poverty by over 60%. He cut unemployment by 50% and introduced major public works reforms. Nationalizing the country's main resources, he focused on health, education and food security for poor Bolivians. But his rejection of neoliberal policies drew the ire of the US and western corporate interests and hastened his removal from office.
Jawad added, "the message is clear: it's not a coup when the outcome favors the US and its allies." 




DPJC Position Statement

Diplomacy Not War With Iran

(9/17, Dallas, TX) Although Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for the September 14th drone strike of an oil-processing facility in Saudi Arabia, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, without presenting any evidence, is blaming Iran for the attack.

According to Bill Maxwell, board member of the Dallas Peace and Justice Center (DPJC), “It should be clear to all that Pompeo and the US government are beating the drums of war to convince the world and Americans that war with Iran is inevitable. Few outside the United States are convinced, and Americans, tired of endless wars, are disinclined to agree.”

DPJC'S executive director, Hadi Jawad, said, “We must keep in mind this was not a direct attack on American assets. A war with Iran would unnecessarily put at risk the lives of 70,000 US troops deployed in the region prompting the Pentagon to urge the White House for restraint. A better response is to end US military support for Saudi Arabia's war against Yemen, return to the painstakingly negotiated Iran Nuclear deal by the Obama administration. The US must defuse tensions, not escalate hostilities.”

According to The Watson Institute at Brown University, the US federal price tag for post 9/11 wars is a staggering $5.9 trillion, with 244,000 civilian casualties and 21 million war refugees. A war with Iran could rapidly become regional, roil world oil markets, cause a world-wide recession, create millions of additional war refugees and draw neighboring countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon and the UAE into a shooting war.

“We call upon the US to re-engage Iran with serious diplomacy, end the cruel sanctions that punish the civilian population in Iran, and work to prevent Saudi Arabia and Israel from starting yet another war in the Middle East. This is not the time for saber-rattling or beating the drums of war, but the hard work of diplomacy." Bill Maxwell said.




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