Naylee FarjadNaylee Farjad

Naylee Farjad is a mother, educator and social justice advocate from Dallas, Texas. Her passion to facilitate learning for others led her to pursue a Master’s in education, teach students, train teachers, write curriculum and direct educational programming for more than 20 years, specializing in bilingual, early childhood education and culturally responsive teaching.

Throughout her career as an educator, Naylee has remained actively involved in the larger social justice movement. Whether it was as a DACA specialist, an immigration law training facilitator, or in her current role, Naylee has personally internalized the struggle for an equitable society as essential for our existence as human beings.

In 2019, after a visit to Palestine/Israel, where she witnessed oppression of the Palestinian people and the atrocities committed by the Israeli military occupation, Naylee was moved to co-found what is today known as the Palestine Action Committee of Texas (PACT); the first and only Texas-based non-profit building a sustainable and non-violent resistance agenda that focuses on both education and advocacy working towards freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinian people.

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