Support the DPJC this Mother's Day

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Dear Peacemaker:

For the past two decades the United States has wasted over $6 trillion and thousands of lives on unnecessary wars worldwide. The costs imposed on our country by coronavirus now lays bare Washington's ill-advised priorities that has left the nation vulnerable to a crisis. For our own security, it is time to end these pointless drains on our limited resources and prioritize the health, welfare, and well-being of all Americans.

To honor the original intent of Mother's Day, please consider a gift of a Lifetime or Sustaining Membership to the Dallas Peace and Justice Center for a beloved woman in your life! We will send a Mother's Day card to your honoree if you provide an address when you submit your donation.

Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to safely and securely submit a payment on their system using the buttons below.


If you are gifting a membership to someone - please make sure
  to enter the name, email, and mailing address of your honoree when you make your donation,

If you would like to make your donation by check or money order, please use our mailing address:
Dallas Peace and Justice Center
c/o the Mix at 1450 Old Gate Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75218
-and please put "Mother's Day" and membership level on the memo line.

 Levels of Membership:

Peace Friend
Sustaining Member
Whatever your steps for Peace can afford.

$60 or more annually -OR- $5 or more monthly

Make a one-time payment of $60, $75, $100, or another amount*:

Pay $5/month*:

*if you'd like to donate more than $5 on a monthly basis, you can specify any amount from the "one-time" button and have Paypal make it a recurring donation for a specified number of months.
Peace Partner
Peace Lover For Life
Lifetime Member

Make a one-time payment:

Payable in monthly increments within a year

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