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Power to the People: Direct Action Training

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Direct Action Training with Cindy Spoon and Ron Siefert

Local North Texas Activists Cindy Spoon and Ron Siefert will share their experience and offer tools on how to participate in your constitutional right to organize and participate in direct action.Cindy Spoon is a lifelong Texan and direct action organizer currently based out of Denton. She was considerably involved in the local fight to ban fracking within the city limits and continues to involved in the efforts to halt the construction of a new gas plant where she lives. Previously, Cindy devoted most of her time to a full-time direct action campaign to stop the Keystone XL pipeline through her work with the Tar Sands Blockade. She also participated in the campaign to stop the first US tar sands mine in southern Utah.In 2013, Cindy was a speaker on the Tar Sands Reality Check Tour, a Canadian speaking tour that aimed to highlight the global struggle to shut down the tar sands and to offer solutions and strategies when striving for climate justice.Cindy mostly organizes trainings for grassroots groups in her region, but at times she also gets contracted to lead trainings for larger organizations such as Greenpeace. She has led direct action trainings in Denton, Oklahoma City, the Rio Grande Valley, Salt Lake City, southern Utah, and in Lakota territory. She is currently supporting the indigenous resistance to the Trans-Pecos pipeline out at the Two Rivers Camp in west Texas.

Ron Seifert is an organizer and activist whose work focuses on targeted opposition to fossil fuel infrastructure projects. Ron has experience as an organizer and supporter/participant in several land and water defense campaigns, including the Tar Sands Blockade's 2012-2014 campaign to stop construction of the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline being built through Oklahoma and Texas.Ron has both attended and led many strategic direct action trainings/workshops and feels that by embracing an ethic of resistance and incorporating direct action tactics into our strategic campaign plans will make our movements stronger. Ron is excited to work with communities that believe in the interdependence of campaign work that provides strong institutional/regulatory pressure, and extra-institutional campaign work that directly confronts the projects that are destroying our world.Currently, Ron is taking part in the fight against Energy Transfer Partners' TransPecos Pipeline, which is under construction in the Big Bend region of West Texas. There, pipeline fighters and water protectors from across Texas and beyond have come together to form the Two Rivers Camp, a native led prayer camp taking direct action to stop the TransPecos Pipeline and stand in solidarity with communities everywhere who are resisting ETP's Dakota Access Pipeline.Join us to learn tools of direct action and how to organize grassroots actions in your community.

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The Mix CoWorking Space
9125 Diceman Drive
Dallas, Texas 75218
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