Annual Report 2017

The MEPC met monthly in 2017 and primarily focused on issues that were current in the Middle East and South Asia: Palestine/Israel; Turkey; Iran; Syria and Saudi Arabia/Yemen. We had monthly updates and guest speakers on these subjects, wrote letters and position statements and visited local politicians.

IRAN Discussed the changing US policy towards Iran under the new Republican administration. Discussed the US attempts to ‘de-certify Iran’s compliance with the term of the 2014, in spite of UNESCO determination the Iran is fully compliant. Wrote a Position Statement on the situation and posted on the DPJC website. Wrote letters to the editor at DMN onb the subject (unpublished).

Yemen (Saudi Arabia) The MEPC studied and discussed ‘The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis’ taking place in Yemen: the detestation brought on by the destruction of the water purification capacity and the resulting Choler; the blockade of needed medical supplies, food and other necessities. We examined the role of the US –in support of Saudi Arabia – logistical, re-fueling bombers and sale of weapons. We wrote an unpublished letter to the editor at DMN; visited congressman Vessey and Rep Johnson’s staff to urge support of SB81. Finally, we wondered why SA needs US support to in a battle with the poorest country in the region = (SA’s GDP is 25 times Yemen’s).

Palestine/Israel The now-ancient problem of treatment of the Palestinians – now apartheid by any analysis – was always before us. Dr. Samir spoke to us on his book, ODS: One Democratic State, in February. We discussed bringing Rabbi Lerner to Dallas (too costly). We are supporting the BDS (Boycott/Divest/Sanction) movement while watching the State of Texas pass legislation making it illegal!

Turkey, Syria, N. Korea We periodically discussed and updated our understanding of the issues these countries face and the US foreign policy that tends not to help.

2018 - Year Twenty
This year the MEPC plans to continue focus on Yemen, Iran and BDS-Israel. Members want to be more political: supporting HB81; calling on elected officials; working closely with FCNL; writing articles for newspapers – DMN Viewpoint and Letters. Finally, we will reach out to younger and more diverse individuals and groups and with the goal of successfully ‘passing the torch’.