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The Mission of the Dallas Peace and Justice Center is to promote a just and peaceful world through education, dialogue, reconciliation, advocacy, and constructive action. "Dallas Rally, Vigil Held to Denounce Racism And Attacks On Asian Residents"

rally cbs screengrabBy: Erin Jones March 21, 2021

From the story:

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – 'The Atlanta spa shootings have shined a light on anti-Asian hate, and in the last week, more reports of hate speech and crimes have surfaced.

At Dealey Plaza, the Dallas Peace and Justice Center and more than a dozen other nonprofits hosted a rally and candlelight vigil denouncing racism and attacks on Asian Americans, as well as honoring the victims of the Atlanta spa attacks.

“We thought it would be supporting the Asian community to put together an event like this and to show them that we’re here to support you,” Dallas Peace and Justice Center board member Yolanda Bluehorse said.

“There needs to be more of us that actually can be heard — you know be seen – say this makes us angry and this has to stop,” Gaban said.

They’re creating awareness and conversations while pushing for change.

“I think love is a cure and we just need to be heard,” Dallas American Asian Culture Center co-founder Jed Anantasomboon said.

“I just want people to be aware that we have hearts, we have feelings, please don’t treat us with hate,” Meng said.'

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